Project Description

The action plan, cooperation and care for the generation aged 50 + 60 + 70 +

Association for Medical Poland is particularly important to promote health throughout life, so it’s important and worthy of attention are the health issues concerning seniors. Older people play an important role in families and in the community, although their contributions are often not sufficiently appreciated. Keep in mind that the knowledge gained by the elderly from the experience of a lifetime has an intrinsic value for economic and social development.

Responding to the needs of senior citizens Medical Association, within the Social Agenda Coalition for Seniors, develops project “Health 50+”, which will be directed to people over the age of 50. The aim of the program is to maintain the good health of people approaching senior age, while taking into account the need for the development of supporting their activity and increased participation in public life, promoting their maximum self-reliance, independence and autonomy and ensuring access to comprehensive health and social services.

Knowledge, information and health education is important at any age, but the older the more gaining importance.