Being a member of  Cluster creates a unique opportunity to raise the prestige of the company,

the acquisition of new technology, innovation, competitiveness and the promotion of business in the domestic

and international markets.

7 easy steps to join us:

  1. Call us (+48 500 334 330) or send us an e-mail at
  2. Fill in the membership declaration (download link below)
  3. Send filled declaration at
  4. Wait for positive acceptance of our Cluster Management Team
  5. Meet with one of our coordinators
  6. Sign the cooperation agreement and send the original to us
  7. Pay membership fee

After paying membership fee you will become a full member of our Cluster.


Annual membership fee for companies and institutions is:

  • Micro-sized enterprises: up to 9 workers, net turnover up to 2 mln euro – 600 zł
  • Small-sized enterprises: up to 50 workers, net turnover up to 10 mln euro- 1400 zł
  • Medium-sized enterprises: up to 250 workers, net turnover up to 10 mln euro- 2800 zł
  • Large enterprises: from 250 to 500 workers, net turnover more than 50 mln euro – 3500 zł
  • Large enterprises: from 500 to 750 workers, net turnover more than 50 mln euro – 4200 zł
  • Large enterprises: over 750 workers, net turnover more than 50 mln euro- 5000 zł
  • Doctors, medical staff, independent experts, self-employed, freelancers – 500 zł
  • Public institutions, universities – 0 zł
  • Other institutions- 700 zł


Documents to download:
a) a declaration of membership: APPENDIX 1 DECLARATION OF A MEMBER OF SUPPORTING


Are you hesitating joining our cluster? If so, try to answer this questions. If you answer at least one of them positively – do not hesitate more and join us!

  1. Do you need help with acquiring funds from external sources of financing (European Union funds, international funds, private investors, crowdfunding)?
  2. Do you want to participate in European Union projects?
  3. Do you need access to proposals on preferential terms (group orders)?
  4. Do you want to increase number of your clients?
  5. Are you planning to create new products or services?
  6. Are you planning to expand your operations into new regions/markets?
  7. Do you wish to increase the prestige and credibility of your company?
  8. Do you want to trade your experiences with other members of our cluster?
  9. Do you want to have access to new technology?
  10. Do you want to have easier access for lobbying your interests among local authorities?
  11. Do you think that your company can provide services for health market?