Project Description

Open System Health (OSOZ) is a modern information system designed to support health management. The uniqueness of the project stems from a combination of the most important elements of the system of health care in a single system and to enable the electronic exchange of health information.

OSOZ allows, among other things:

Current collect information held medical appointments, prescription medicines, laboratory tests and diagnostic
Development of the so-called. Early warning systems to detect the phenomenon of disease, especially epidemiological, at the earliest stage of development,
Creating a Personal Health Accounts, the so-called. notebooks health, enabling the automatic collection of data about the health of the patient. Health account gives you the ability to store the entire history of the patient’s health in one place and allows for easy, quick access to it via the Internet,
Creation of expert systems to support physicians in the provision of health services,
Using the knowledge base on health, pharmaceuticals and health care facilities and all the functionality of the system.
The OSOZ is created by our partner company – KAMSOFT, which for 20 years specializing in providing solutions for the Polish health service.