Project Description

Construction of room for innovation, Science and Technology Park research laboratories, academic staff, incubators, business support.

The main objective of the project is to create a high-quality infrastructure, pro-development for the development of innovative business initiatives and supporting the development of an economy based mainly on knowledge.

The project involves collaboration environments, scientific research and business in the medical, technological, educational dissemination and implementation of innovative solutions that improve the quality and efficiency of the treatment process. The dynamic technological progress allows the use of medical innovation to the benefit of both patients and health-related bodies pursuing objectives. Cooperation entities with complementary expertise and experience enables the development and implementation of innovation, because after the first reduces the risk associated with the creation of innovative solutions, and allows the rationalization of pro-innovation activities.

Thanks to innovations in medicine properly implemented, it is possible to achieve significant, positive effects of both economic and social impact, including increased life expectancy and improved quality of care.