Our Cluster

MedCluster is a nationwide medical cluster based in Małopolska (Lesser Poland Region), which was established in 2007. The main objective of the cluster’s activity is to develop innovative networks of cooperation that enable effective use of the potential of people, medical entities, enterprises, universities, research institutes and local self-governments units.

MedCluster cooperates with more than 60 entities located in the major cities in Poland. Our goal is constant development of cooperation between all members of Cluster by establishing collaboration based on transfer of knowledge, technologies and innovative solutions. Thanks to our actions, the development of innovative products and services is possible. We facilitate access to the most current knowledge as well as collaboration with scientific and research centers.

We strive to improve relations with local self-governments and government administration. We want to increase the access of the cluster members to European funding sources. Moreover our activities on the labour market involve providing assistance in finding the best specialists.

The Cluster’s strength is its constant development. We are open to cooperation with other entities and other clusters. MedCluster does not have a legal personality and it is coordinated by the Polish Healthcare Association.

Meet Our Team

Andrzej Witek
Andrzej Witek Prezes Stowarzyszenia „Medycyna Polska”, koordynatora klastra medycznego MedCluster
Paweł Popek
Paweł PopekDyrektor ds. IT
Paweł Gądek
Paweł GądekSkarbnik Stowarzyszenia „Medycyna Polska”, Dyrektor ds. Współpracy Międzynarodowej
Agata Szumińska
Agata SzumińskaDyrektor ds. biura MedCluster
Rafał Ludwa
Rafał LudwaSpecjalista ds. IT
Piotr Świerczek
Piotr ŚwierczekSpecjalista ds. IT