Yesterday,  18.08.2016 was held a meeting of the Medical Cluster, which is a joint initiative of enabling, among others, effective combination and utilization of the potential of clusters, on whose behalf the Cluster coordinators have signed the relevant agreement.

The cooperation also involves cooperation in stimulating innovation industry; combine and develop the resources and competences of the entities in the area of medicine in order to make effective use of the existing possibilities and opportunities associated with the development of an innovative knowledge-based economy through the exchange of information on the possibilities of cooperation on joint projects between both clusters as well as those who are members of these clusters.

The meeting was attended by a representative MedCluster Paweł Gądek as well:

Izabela Czeremcha – manager cluster MedSilesia – Silesian Network of Medical Products Kazimierz Murzyn, President of the Foundation LifeScience Cluster Krakow Romuald Litwin, Director Research and Development (R & D) – Coordinator, National e-Health Cluster. At the meeting lacked a representative Cluster Lublin Medicine, who also signed the above agreement.