Monthly Archives: November 2016


Working with Orange Poland and the Orange Foundation

By contributing to the Poznan community on behalf of Orange Poland and the Orange Foundation started cooperation with the Association of Medical Poland. Therefore, it was transferred computer equipment for the Association of Medical Poland. The meeting was attended by Ms. Monika Szelągiewicz Coordinator Branch Poznan Poland Medical Association, representatives of Elders Poznan and Wielkopolska [...]

Billion in Patent 3

Today, that is. 22.11.2016 r. MedCluster representatives of Mr. Paul and Mr. Paul Gądek Popek participate in the next meeting networkingowym the series: "Billion in the patent" in the Rector of the University of Silesia. The event takes formula brunch'u scientific and business addressed to private sector companies, researchers, equity investors (corporate and private) and [...]

Representatives MedCluster on Uniwestytecie Silesian

On 11.16.2016 there was a meeting of members MedCluster with representatives of the University of Silesia and the SPV UŚ - SPIN-US Sp. z o. The meeting was related to the establishment of cooperation between the aforementioned. actors in the area of innovation, technology, and scientific research and development and the opening of INFO-TECH-MED - [...]

Conference Polish – Norwegian 24.11.2016r.

24.11.2016r day. Tarnow will be held in Polish - Norwegian conference whose theme will be "Healthy lifestyle - the experience of Polish and Norwegian." Conference is organized by the Association of Medical Poland. This conference is the culmination of the work carried out within the project: "Healthier in the autumn of life - health promotion, [...]

Trade Technology Hub

MedCluster received an invitation to participate in the Fair TECHNOLOGY HUB 2017 to be held in the period 20-22 April 2017r. in Italy. Trade TECHNOLOGY HUB 2017 relate to innovation and new technologies. Are organized in Milan in the period 20-22 April 2017. (Thursday-Saturday) Trade Technology Hub is one of the most important events [...]

Cooperation between the partners MedCluster

We are pleased to announce that the Group CenterMed - Polish network of private medical enterprises and Department of Surgery, Mazan - a private institution with a wide range of medical services signed a cooperation agreement.