MedCluster has received an invitation to participate in the MedicaSILESIA Cluster Meeting in 2016, which is an branch first meeting of business, science and the self-goverment innovative potential and implementation potential of the Silesian medical industry. This event is a part of the ninth edition of the International Exhibition of Scientific Innovation INTARG in Katowice. The event, which will take place on 14-15 June 2016 International Congress Center in Katowice is an excellent opportunity to establish cooperation at the international level and the most effective way to build a wide network of contacts in business and research. Meetings are addressed to representatives of the medical sector, ICT, materials and nanotechnology from all over Europe. To participate in the event we invite representatives of all the clusters, its members and management, to whom the conference and workshops.Will be adresed visits to leading research and development centers with the highest potential in the area of medical technology in Silesia. Under call the Andrzej Witek coordinator MedCluster will participate in the panel of the event CLUSTERS IN EUROPE, POLAND, IN SILESIA as an expert.

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