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III Eastern Economic Congress

Eastern Economic Congress (EEC) multilateral cyclic debate on the Polish eastern region was held in Bialystok 21-23.09. The main debate covered issues such as the role of the East, cross-border cooperation projects, geopolitical and economic problems and the threat to European stability, issues related to infrastructure projects, local governments, EU funds, export, energy, agri-food industry, [...]

Visit in the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway

On 21.09.2016 r. In Warsaw was organized a meeting with representatives of Polish and Norwegian Cluster. After a brief introduction for sure it was doing business in Poland , speakers representatives of clusters  Norway, who briefly presented the information certainly concerned about their Organization, potential areas to make cooperation as well as expectations for the [...]

Pilotage telecare in Tarnowski Subregion

Between 09/28/2016 - 09/30/2016 Association of Medical Poland has implemented a pilot program telecare for residents Tarnowski subregion. Before the implementation of an information meeting was held for 25 qualified people for granted all the information on the principles and functioning of the whole system. There have also been practical training with the service given [...]

Meeting of the members MedCluster

Dated 14.09.2016 r. in the Panstwowa Wyzsza Szkoła Zawodowa in  Tarnow was a meeting of members MedCluster. The event was attended by over 30 people, participants had the opportunity to learn about the plans and strategies of the Cluster, current activities and upcoming events. The meeting was an opportunity to showcase the tangible benefits resulting [...]

Cluster meeting at the Embassy of Norway

On 21.09. 2016. Royal Norwegian Embassy in Warsaw organizes a meeting cluster, which MedCluster received an invitation. The meeting will be a continuation of the Warsaw event "4th Cluster Matchmaking Conference," in which representatives of MedCluster also take part. The meeting at the Embassy invited representatives of the Norwegian cluster and relevant thematic clusters Polish. [...]

Meeting members of MedCluster

We cordially invite all current and future members MedCluster the meeting which will be held on 09.14.2016 (Wednesday) hours. 10.00 - 14.00 at the State Higher Vocational School in Tarnów ul. Mickiewicza 8 C. For more information contact us:  502 904 809, e-mail:

Meeting of the Medical Cluster

Yesterday,  18.08.2016 was held a meeting of the Medical Cluster, which is a joint initiative of enabling, among others, effective combination and utilization of the potential of clusters, on whose behalf the Cluster coordinators have signed the relevant agreement. The cooperation also involves cooperation in stimulating innovation industry; combine and develop the resources and competences [...]

Polonia World Economic Forum

Today Our representative Paweł Gądek participated in the World Economic Forum Polonia which takes place in Tarnow on July 22-23. The ceremonial opening of the Forum began their speeches President of Tarnow Roman Ciepiela, Jan Cytowski Prime World Polonia, Canada and Zdzislaw Wojtasik - Information Bureau of Economic PEGAZ. During the Forum, there will be [...]

Surgery Mazan is our new partner

We are pleased to announce that the Department of Surgery Mazan - a modern medical facility based in Katowice is our partner of the Cluster! Surgery Mazan is a private institution with a wide range of medical services, meeting the highest world standards. The team of doctors working at the clinic are specialists with many [...]

MedCluster 2.0

Please be advised that we currently work on the opening of the new cluster. We implement MedCluster 2.0. Our current work aims to improve communication between members of the cluster, which will positively impact on the exchange of know-how, ideas, information, experience and good practice between all the participants of the Cluster. In order to [...]