Dated 14.09.2016 r. in the Panstwowa Wyzsza Szkoła Zawodowa in  Tarnow was a meeting of members MedCluster. The event was attended by over 30 people, participants had the opportunity to learn about the plans and strategies of the Cluster, current activities and upcoming events. The meeting was an opportunity to showcase the tangible benefits resulting from membership in the organization.

The meeting began coordinator MedCluster Andrzej Witek, who welcomed the guests, as well as presented the most important information about the current and future activities MedCluster. In detail described the projects implemented by the cluster, ie. Health Region and the concept of the construction of INFO-TECH-MED.

Then Director. IT Pawel Popek presented the functionality of Sharepoint platform, which will facilitate the work and mutual communication between members of the cluster. He also presented the use of Office 365, access to which each member receives MedCluster. At the end of his presentation he spoke about the concept and assumptions telecare project, which is in the region of Wielkopolska will implement the Medical Association of Poland, coordinator MedCluster.

While Pawel Gądek Director Marketing discussed in detail the principles and concepts of the project PolandCares on health tourism, which is implemented by MedCluster. In addition, he highlighted, inter alia, issues of international cooperation Cluster, informed about current events, conferences, trade fairs where MedCluster involved.

In the last part of the meeting the members MedCluster have the opportunity for joint discussions, exchange notes, observations, as well as support and cooperation.