MedCluster invites you to the Conference on Modern Technology as a media partner.

Conference topics:

Technological support – optimization and security:

– electronic medical records, circulation of documents

– business process management

– Business Intelligence, analytical and reporting solutions

– Data Center, server rooms, virtualization, cloud computing

– management of finance and human resources

– ERP – integrated tools

– process support, cost and resource control

– strengthen relations – CRM on the service – new channels of information and automate communication with the patient

– mobile dedicated solutions – system integration – emergency power supply – energy security – outsourcing services – overview of options, selection criteria – modern and complex financial solutions for medical facilities.

For free participation in the conference we invite:

Managers of health care institutions, people responsible for financing the purchase of new technologies,
Advisers and shopping planners, procurement managers,
Representatives of medical facilities responsible for planning, supervision and coordination of work related to the development and operation of the computer network,
Persons responsible for the purchase and technical advice in the procurement of IT systems and equipment,
IT managers and managers responsible for administration and maintenance of network servers, administration and maintenance of databases / backups,
Those responsible for implementing and maintaining multi-
Staff responsible for supporting the organizational units of the Hospital in projects involving the use of information technology and persons responsible for the training of administrative and medical staff,
Staff responsible for the security of systems and resources,
Representatives of the Ministry of Health, supervisory and public health authorities and representatives of the state administration,
Specialists and heads of specialized departments, specialists and staff responsible for medical documentation and its correctness, processing and circulation,
Heads of financial and accounting departments and administrative directors.