November 2016

Billion in Patent 3

Today, that is. 22.11.2016 r. MedCluster representatives of Mr. Paul and Mr. Paul Gądek Popek participate in the next meeting networkingowym the series: "Billion in the patent" in the Rector of the University of Silesia. [...]

Representatives MedCluster on Uniwestytecie Silesian

On 11.16.2016 there was a meeting of members MedCluster with representatives of the University of Silesia and the SPV UŚ - SPIN-US Sp. z o. The meeting was related to the establishment of cooperation between [...]

Conference Polish – Norwegian 24.11.2016r.

24.11.2016r day. Tarnow will be held in Polish - Norwegian conference whose theme will be "Healthy lifestyle - the experience of Polish and Norwegian." Conference is organized by the Association of Medical Poland. This conference [...]

Trade Technology Hub

MedCluster received an invitation to participate in the Fair TECHNOLOGY HUB 2017 to be held in the period 20-22 April 2017r. in Italy. Trade TECHNOLOGY HUB 2017 relate to innovation and new technologies. Are [...]

Cooperation between the partners MedCluster

We are pleased to announce that the Group CenterMed - Polish network of private medical enterprises and Department of Surgery, Mazan - a private institution with a wide range of medical services signed a cooperation [...]

October 2016

Sharepoint platform – Implementation

Dated 31.10.2016 will be launched platform for exchange of information and SharePoint. It will enable a timely and efficient contact between members MedCluster will enable the exchange of information, know-how and good practices. With this [...]